Writing Copy Used To Be A Huge Challenge...Not Any More...


Learn How To Harness The Power Of ChatGPT To Write Compelling And Engaging Sales Letters In Less Than 90 Minutes


Unlock The Power Of ChatGPT To Elevate Your Copywriting, Skyrocket Your Productivity And Multiply Your Earnings

Are you struggling to create persuasive sales letters that truly captivate your audience?

Do you often find yourself facing writer’s block, staring at blank pages, and unable to find the right words to convey the true value of your offerings?

Are you burdened with a busy schedule, making it nearly impossible to devote ample time to copywriting and your core business at the same time?

If you recognize these challenges, I have an extraordinary solution for you!

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copywriters pen and desk

Imagine having a writing companion who can effortlessly craft engaging sales letters that convert like magic (or any copy for that matter!)

A companion who works at the speed of light, freeing up your valuable time to focus on what you love most – growing your business. 

A companion who unlocks a world of creativity, empowering you to infuse your copy with unlimited ideas and insights. 

A companion who can even help you generate another income stream into your business?

The Struggle is Real… But the Solution is Within Reach!

As a digital product marketer, you know the importance of persuasive copy

It’s the key to engaging your audience, driving action, and skyrocketing sales. 

But writer’s block and limited time often stand in the way of your copywriting success

Hiring experienced copywriters may be out of reach due to budget constraints. 


This comprehensive and detailed 8 part course is designed exclusively for business owners just like you. 

We understand the challenges you face, and we’ve created a transformative solution tailored to your needs. 

Say goodbye to empty pages and endless hours spent crafting sales letters. 

Say hello to a game-changing writing experience that will revolutionize your copywriting prowess.

Oh and by the way this is not just another bunch of prompts nor is it a push button subscription service.

In AICOPYNINJA  I take you by the hand and show you exactly how to go from a blank page (or a screen) to a completely formed,  powerful sales letter, so you can do the same in your own business.

No stone is left unturned as we dive fully into ChatGPT, taking advantage of it’s power and capabilities, and have it working for you as if you’d got your own little copywriting buddy on call 24/7 producing great content for you.

You'll Avoid All The Common Mistakes

You see Chat GPT is a fantastic tool but it’s just that.. a tool

And like every tool it’s useless unless you know how to us it correctly, and that’s why so many people get it wrong

They often jump right in without doing any research, their prompts are all over the place, and honestly, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The end result? Well, it’s as clear as mud, and that’s because they do not follow that age old adage…

To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail, however…

You'll Have Everything You Need To Succeed

We include everything you need to know, every strategy and tactic that helps ChatGPT dive into your customers world and develop laser focused customer personas which fully understand their pain points, the perfect solution, and the results they crave.

Each module contains easy to follow step by step instructions with live screenshots, all the prompts and the responses from ChatGPT.

You’ll learn the exact structure of the prompts, how they are written and why they are written in the way they are, so you can copy them in your own business.

You also learn how to interpret the answers, good or bad, so you get the best possible responses specifically for your business.

And you’ll master technique that helps you cherry pick the best copy from all the responses you get from ChatGPT.

That means the final copy it is far more relevant and emotionally connected to the prospect and therefore has much more of a chance of converting them into a paying customer.


We've Even Considered How Valuable Your Time is

We’ve all got busy lives, so we’ve broken it down into eight bite-sized lessons, short, sharp and to the point – what we like to call “coffee cup lessons.” They’re quick, just long enough for you to enjoy your favorite latte.

There’s no fluff or filler here. Our lessons are laser-focused, offering crystal-clear, easy to follow instructions and we’ve got plenty of screenshots to show you exactly how Chat GPT does its magic, You’ll see exactly how ChatGPT works, and most importantly, how you can implement our strategies right away.


Here's Everything You Get..

Part One How ChatGPT Can Help Your Business

Unlock Creativity and Ideas: Find out how ChatGPT's unique algorithm generates creative ideas and inspiration, banishing writer's block forever.
Save Big on Copywriting Costs: Learn how ChatGPT can replace expensive copywriters, helping you keep more profits in your pocket.
Tap into Income Opportunities: Discover how your new copywriting skills can be turned into a lucrative income stream by offering your services to other businesses.

Part Two Mastering The Power Of Prompts

Unleash the Power of Prompts: Learn how to harness the true potential of prompts to create compelling and engaging content with the help of ChatGPT.
Three Guiding Principles for Success: Explore the three key principles that lay the foundation for mastering prompts, ensuring your interactions with ChatGPT are fruitful every time.
Iterate for Excellence: Embrace the power of iteration – the process of refining and fine-tuning responses – and witness how it can elevate your copy to new heights.

Part Three Expert Research With ChatGPT

Unlock the Power of ChatGPT in Research: - Discover how ChatGPT can transform your research process, making it more efficient and productive than ever before.
Craft Precise Customer Personas: - Explore how ChatGPT can assist you in developing in-depth customer personas by extracting key details and insights from its vast database.
Tailored Research for Any Niche: - Learn how ChatGPT adapts to any industry or niche, showcasing its versatility in assisting you with market research, whether it's physiotherapy or dog behavior training or any other businesses.

Part Four The Crucial Elements Of Preparation

Priming the AI for Optimal Results: Understand the concept of priming and discover how to set the stage for ChatGPT to provide relevant, accurate answers that meet your goals.
Construct a Compelling And Proven Sales Framework: Explore how to guide ChatGPT in structuring your sales copy with a framework that guides your potential customer seamlessly through their problem to your solution.
Merge Persona, Offering, and Structure: Master the art of integrating your customer persona, offering details, chosen framework, and persuasive style into a cohesive narrative that engages.

And There's So Much More

Part Five Creating Attention Grabbing Headlines

From Stale to Captivating- Watch as ChatGPT takes mundane headlines and infuses them with a magnetic allure that's impossible to ignore.
Stand On The Shoulder Of Giants-Learn how to use ChatGPT to emulate the copywriting style of the greats.
Crafting Hooks and Open Loops-Learn to incorporate hooks and open loops in your headlines, using ChatGPT's guidance to make your readers eager to uncover more.

Part Six Openings That Draw In Your Prospects

How to Transform Mundane Details into Engaging Stories: Uncover the techniques for transforming ordinary information into compelling narratives with the help of ChatGPT, effectively turning dry content into intriguing stories.
How to Overcome Writer's Block with Ease- Explore how ChatGPT can assist you in overcoming writer's block by generating creative opening paragraphs that serve as the perfect foundation for your sales letter.
How to Craft a Seamless Transition to Your Main Message:- Discover the art of using ChatGPT to smoothly transition from your opening paragraphs to the core message of your sales letter, maintaining a natural flow that keeps readers engaged.

Part Seven Crafting Body Copy That Engages And Persuades

Using Conversational Tone: Discover how to maintain a conversational tone in your copy, making your readers feel like they're having a one-on-one conversation with you.
Step-by-Step System Creation: Explore how to use ChatGPT to create a step-by-step system that guides your prospects from their pain points to a comprehensive solution.
Empathetic Solution Introductions: Understand how to introduce your solutions in a way that shows genuine empathy and understanding of your readers' struggles, building trust and rapport.

Part Eight Offers, Guarantees and Calls To Action

How to Optimize Offers for Conversions-Learn advanced strategies for refining your offers with ChatGPT's assistance, using iterative prompts to refine and polish your copy until it maximizes conversions and resonates with your target audience.
How to Create Urgency and Scarcity- Uncover the techniques to infuse urgency and scarcity into your offers, using ChatGPT to create time-sensitive language that compels prospects to take immediate action.
How to Craft Persuasive Calls to Action- Harness the power of ChatGPT to write compelling calls to action that guide your prospects seamlessly from consideration to taking decisive action, using persuasive language and psychological triggers.

You Can Even Create Another Income Stream With These Skills...


Think About It For A Moment…

Copywriters can easily charge $2000 to $5000 to write a sales letter, and even non english speaking copywriters can charge $500 online

so, with your new found skill you can now do the same.

Imagine offering your services to local businesses, how much more could you make?
Yes, they may have also heard of ChatGPT, they may even have tried it out but they will have nowhere near the knowledge you have.
Thats  a huge untapped market for you to take advantage of. 

Just Imagine What All This Can Do For Your Business

save loads of time

Master the art of writing persuasive sales letters at an unprecedented pace. ChatGPT generates content faster than you ever thought possible, saving you time and boosting your productivity.

save a huge amount of money

No need to break the bank with expensive copywriters. Let ChatGPT do it for you for a fraction of the cost or even for free

more productivity

As ChatGPT handles your copywriting, you gain the freedom to scale your marketing endeavors, reaching a wider audience and maximizing your business potential.

earn money

Use Your new found expertise to offer copywriting services to other businesses and create an extra income stream

See What People Are Saying About AICOPYJNINJA

"an invaluable tool for research, preparation, and writing persuasive content"

John Thornhill

This course has been a revelation in using ChatGPT for copywriting.
Each section, from mastering prompts to crafting compelling sales letters, is packed with actionable insights.
The step-by-step approach demystifies ChatGPT, turning it into an invaluable tool for research, preparation, and writing persuasive content.
It's a transformative resource for anyone looking to enhance their copywriting and productivity.
And I honestly believe it could significantly improve anyones copywriting skills, making their work more engaging and effective.

"the must-have resource for anyone who wants to create a high converting sales letter"

This course, I have to admit, has exceeded my expectations.
From the introduction to the final sales letter, each part of the course is meticulously designed to harness the potential of ChatGPT in a practical, results-driven manner.
The step-by-step approach is what sets this course apart. Starting with a comprehensive introduction and laying solid foundations from the off. The section on mastering prompts could be a game-changer for many.
The research module was impressive and is frankly missed by a lot of other courses I've seen!
The chapters on crafting headlines, openings, and body copy were masterclasses in themselves.
By the time we get to the completed sales letter, I genuinely feel this could be the must-have resource for anyone who wants to create a high converting sales letter, and certainly needs to be studied by those serious about elevating their copywriting career..

If you are struggling to implement AI technology into your marketing efforts, then AI Copy Ninja is the place you should start.

Focused on using ChatGPT to produce a top-quality sales letter, Paul's training is ninja-style indeed. From head-to-toe of crafting your copy, the explanations remain incisive, practical and succinct. In fact, you'll be surprised how much you learn within just a few pages! What hit me the most, however, is how Paul dissolves all of the myths and legends surrounding AI right in front of your eyes. ChatGPT is neither a doomsday machine nor a magic box - rather, it is a labor-saving device, a tool that you can add to your marketing kit. And like all tools, knowing how to use it is the key to producing spectacular results. Which is why I believe that your investment in AI Copy Ninja will end up taking you much farther than your next sales letter. You'll be immersed in how the AI revolution can really enhance your marketing results.

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose

I am confident this course will blow you away, and you’ll become a master of using ChatGPT to help you write sparkling copy. 


If at anytime during the next 30 days, you feel this course will not help you quickly write compelling, engaging and persuasive copy, that increases your conversions, then just contact us and well refund every penny, immediately

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