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Learn How To Harness The Power Of ChatGPT To Write Compelling And Engaging Sales Letters In Less Than 90 Minutes


Here's A Very Special And Time Limited Offer For My Loyal Customers Such As You

From the Desk Of Paul Henry

Dear Loyal Customer

As you know I had to take down the original AI Copy Ninja website due to unforeseen difficulties and as you’d already invested in the product that left you in the lurch.

And for that I apologize.

But now AI Copy ninja is back

And it’s bigger and better than before and as a special thank you I’ve created a unique offer for you my loyal customer

Now for one single price you can get the whole package.

So that’s the eight part PDF report set

The over the shoulder videos

You complete prompt package

The sales framework package and the sales framework instructional video

In fact everything you need to make sure any of your copywriting projects are a success.

This mean you can now go ahead and get back everything you lost, plus a lot more, one single small investment.

If you already sampled some of the course you know how good it is but let’s remind you of all the great the benefits you’re going to get..

Here's Everything You Get..

Comprehensive 8 Part Guide

An easy to follow step by step guide to creating attention grabbing headlines, engaging openings, irresistible offers and compelling calls to action, all using the power of ChatGPT

In fact, everything you needs to know in eight bite-sized lessons, short, sharp and to the point – what we like to call “coffee cup lessons.” They’re quick, just long enough for your customer to enjoy their favorite latte.

There’s no fluff or filler here. Our lessons are laser-focused, offering crystal-clear, easy to follow instructions and there are plenty of screenshots to show you exactly how Chat GPT does its magic.

And Here Are The Special Bonuses You Get In This Exclusive Package

Bonus One: A Complete Set Of Over The Shoulder Videos

Because some things are best learnt by seeing them in action...
Picture yourself sitting beside me as I navigate ChatGPT, transforming a blank page into a persuasive, high-converting sales letter right before your eyes. 
Watch and learn as I craft and change prompts to get the best possible response from ChatGPT. Learn how to interpret the responses and how to iterate to improve them tenfold
Pause, rewind, and re-watch any section as many times as you need. This makes sure you are able to grasp every concept and technique.
It's like having a personal mentor guiding you through every step of the process.

Bonus Two: The Prompt Playbook

Fast forward a few weeks when you've mastered the techniques covered in the reports and the videos, and you're writing copy for yourself...
You'll want to refer back to the prompts won't you?
Well, we've made it easy for you by putting them all together in one place for complete ease of access
Say goodbye to wasted time searching for that elusive prompt. Our package keeps them all neatly arranged, saving you time and headaches
And remember...
The internet is awash with so-called "prompt packages" that promise the world for a few dollars. But here's the truth – most of them are nothing more than a random jumble of words, leaving you more confused than inspired.
Our Exclusive Prompt Package is different that's because these aren't just words strung together randomly.
No, our prompts are the real deal – the exact ones that led us from a blank screen to a powerful, benefit driven and compelling sales letter.

Bonus Three: Sales Framework

Imagine having a fill in the blanks template that covered every single element of the sales letter 
From the headlines, to the opening, through the body copy, the solution the guarantees and the final Call To Action... absolutely everything is covered. All you have to do is fill it in
How much of a different would that make to your business? That's what this special advanced sales framework gives you
Of course without the knowledge you have gained from the videos and the reports this framework will be useless but now you're an expert this is going to  give you such an edge in your business
It'll be like running a marathon and getting a free 20 mile start- you can't lose

Bonus Four: Sales Framework Instructional Video

Let's face it
No matter how good written instructions are sometimes it's just better to see things with your own eyes isn't it?
That's why we've created this video so you can see exactly what needs to be done to get the absolute best out of the  sales framework
It's concise and straight to the point and you'll  see every prompt and every response from  ChatGPT so you can implement it straight away

And There's So Much More...

You Can Even Create Another Income Stream With These Skills...


Think About It For A Moment…

Copywriters can easily charge $2000 to $5000 to write a sales letter, and even non english speaking copywriters can charge $500 online

so, with your new found skill you can now do the same.

Imagine offering your services to local businesses, how much more could you make?
Yes, they may have also heard of ChatGPT, they may even have tried it out but they will have nowhere near the knowledge you have.
Thats  a huge untapped market for you to take advantage of. 

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose

Try Out The Complete Exclusive Package For 30 Days

I am confident this course will blow you away, and you’ll become a master of using ChatGPT to help you write sparkling copy. 


If at anytime during the next 30 days, you feel this course will not help you quickly write compelling, engaging and persuasive copy, that increases your conversions, then just contact us and well refund every penny, immediately

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