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A Complete Set Of The Exact Prompts Used To Turn a Blank Screen Into A Sales Letter 


A Special Sales Framework you can input Into ChatGPT To Get Even More Precise Copy 


An Instructional Video Showing You How To Implement The Sales Framework

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Here’s Everything You Get In Our Exclusive GOLD Package

The aicopyninja Prompt Playbook

A Treasure Trove Of Carefully Curated Prompts Right At Your Fingertips, Organized To Match The Order Of Our Comprehensive Reports And Video Series

Fast forward a few weeks when you’ve mastered the techniques covered in the reports and the videos, and you’re writing copy for yourself…

You’ll want to refer back to the prompts won’t you?

Well, we’ve made it easy for you by putting them all together in one place for complete ease of access

Say goodbye to wasted time searching for that elusive prompt. Our package keeps them all neatly arranged, saving you time and headaches


Because we’ve put all the prompts together for you, you’re now going to be able to follow their evolution and the progress

So, you can figure out how the prompts relate to each other, how they change and alter to follow the natural progression of the conversation and really master ChatGPT

And remember…

The internet is awash with so-called “prompt packages” that promise the world for a few dollars. But here’s the truth – most of them are nothing more than a random jumble of words, leaving you more confused than inspired.

Our Exclusive Prompt Package is different that’s because these aren’t just words strung together randomly. No, our prompts are the real deal – the exact ones that led us from a blank screen to a powerful, benefit driven and compelling sales letter.


The aicopyninja Sales Letter Framework

The Perfect Complement To Your Copywriting Arsenal, Taking You From Great To Exceptional And Ensuring Your Sales Letters Consistently Perform At Their Peak.

Imagine having a fill in the blanks template that covered every single element of the sales letter 

From the headlines, to the opening, through the body copy, the solution the guarantees and the final Call To Action… absolutely everything is covered. All you have to do is fill it in

How much of a different would that make to your business?

That’s what this special advanced sales framework gives you

Of course without the knowledge you have gained from the videos and the reports this framework will be useless but now you’re an expert this is going to  give you such an edge in your business

It’ll be like running a marathon and getting a free 20 mile start- you can’t lose



To make absolutely sure you succeed there’s also…


The aicopyninja Framework Video

An Easy To Follow Step By Step Video

Let’s face it

No matter how good written instructions are sometimes it’s just better to see things with your own eyes isn’t it?

That’s why we’ve created this video so you can see exactly what needs to be done to get the absolute best out of the  sales framework

It’s concise and straight to the point and you’ll  see every prompt and every response from  ChatGPT so you can implement it straight away

With the improved copywriting skills from the reports and videos, you’ll notice a remarkable difference in how people respond to your words. 

But here’s where it gets exciting

Now, with this comprehensive package, you have the power to offer your newfound copywriting expertise as a high-value service to local businesses.

Imagine, even if you charge just $500 for a sales letter, which is a steal considering the results it can generate, that’s a potential 13.5 times return on your investment. 

And that’s with ONE single client!

It’s not just a set of tools; it’s a pathway to boosting your income through your copywritingreally 

But This Offer is Limited

You May Never See All These Together Again For Such a Low Investment

This GOLD Package really is a game-changer. 

It’s got the exact prompts that transformed my blank screen into compelling and persuasive long form sales letter.

 Plus, the same sales framework and an instructional video that leaves no room for guesswork. Your copywriting game is about to reach its peak, and you know what that means, right? Cold, hard cash. We’re talking a minimum 13X ROI on the GOLD package alone.

With all this in your marketing and copywriting arsenal you can only succeed

But here’s the deal – this is a strictly limited offer. We can’t hold this door open forever. So, don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. Seize it now, before it’s gone

"the must-have resource for anyone who wants to create a high converting sales letter"

This course, I have to admit, has exceeded my expectations.
From the introduction to the final sales letter, each part of the course is meticulously designed to harness the potential of ChatGPT in a practical, results-driven manner.
The step-by-step approach is what sets this course apart. Starting with a comprehensive introduction and laying solid foundations from the off. The section on mastering prompts could be a game-changer for many.
The research module was impressive and is frankly missed by a lot of other courses I've seen!
The chapters on crafting headlines, openings, and body copy were masterclasses in themselves.
By the time we get to the completed sales letter, I genuinely feel this could be the must-have resource for anyone who wants to create a high converting sales letter, and certainly needs to be studied by those serious about elevating their copywriting career..

"an invaluable tool for research, preparation, and writing persuasive content"

John Thornhill

This course has been a revelation in using ChatGPT for copywriting.
Each section, from mastering prompts to crafting compelling sales letters, is packed with actionable insights.
The step-by-step approach demystifies ChatGPT, turning it into an invaluable tool for research, preparation, and writing persuasive content.
It's a transformative resource for anyone looking to enhance their copywriting and productivity.
And I honestly believe it could significantly improve anyones copywriting skills, making their work more engaging and effective.

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose

Try Out The Complete Gold Package For Thirty Days

I am confident this course will blow you away, and you’ll become a master of using ChatGPT to help you write sparkling copy. 


If at anytime during the next 30 days, you feel this course will not help you quickly write compelling, engaging and persuasive copy, that increases your conversions, then just contact us and well refund every penny, immediately

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